‘Clash of Clans’ Developer Responds to Claims that ClashCon was Overhyped

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ClashCon, Clash of Clans (Free)  inaugural Con, is over, and overall it looked like a success. However, a part of the Clash of Clans community felt that ClashCon didn’t deliver on the hype and that while players were waiting to hear all about the upcoming update, all they got was a peek of the TH11 and the Eagle Defense. Add to that how many players felt the update was really only about high-level players, and you can pretty much understand what the reactions were. Now, I don’t know whether the reactions were appropriate to the situation, but what I do know is that the rumble forced a member of Supercell to respond to the complaints in a forum post. According to Anoushka, TH11 is a big update and while it may not affect everyone equally, the changes in attack/defense (new hero, new defense) are game changers in a way. However, he continues, there was too much hype (not by them) so people expected the update to revolutionize the entire game.

Anoushka continues by saying he has no idea where the expectation came that the whole update would be announced at ClashCon, but Supercell never told players it would announce an entire update. They never hyped and promoted ClashCon as the ‘event where we would make a big announcement;’ instead, it was promoted as the first of its kind, an opportunity to bring together Clashers from different countries. Finally, he says there’s no ETA for the update (not even a ‘very soon’), but they are working hard to release it as soon as possible. Reddit responded as reddit does, with many posters complaining that Supercell did exactly what Anoushka said it didn’t. Are you excited by what you heard in ClashCon, or were you expecting more?


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