Follow the WSJ Liveblog as Nintendo Gets Ready to Talk Its Smartphone Strategy

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nintendoNintendo has been going wild having press conferences the past couple of days, mostly for financial discussion for investors but they’ve also promised to talk more about their overall smartphone strategy and partnership with DeNA. Many have speculated that we’ll actually see what Nintendo’s first smartphone game will be today, but there’s no guarantees anything that exciting happens. But let’s hope so! Anyway, unfortunately the press conference Nintendo is about to kick off at 10am Japan time isn’t being broadcast, but the Wall Street Journal is liveblogging the whole thing, so if you want to follow along and read about the things that are happening then click the link below. We’ll be covering any major announcements in regards to smartphone gaming and Nintendo, if there are any, that is.


Live Blog Link: WSJ – Nintendo Unveils First Smartphone Game–Live Blog

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