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Hey ‘Geometry Dash’ Fans, Upcoming ‘Almost Impossible’ Looks Like Your Next Masochistic Fix

The brutally difficult precision platformer has been a hot genre on mobile ever since Geometry Dash ($1.99) busted onto the scene a couple of years ago, thanks mostly to its level editor and massive community. As for me? I’m not big on actually making the levels for these types of games, but I sure do enjoy playing them. (Maybe “enjoy" isn’t the right word, but you know what I mean.) Well a new masochistic platformer is on the horizon called Almost Impossible from Realmac Software, and it’s looking pretty slick. Check out the trailer.

Difficulty set at approximately one bajillion? That sounds, uh, pretty hard! I really like the overall style of Almost Impossible, as it uses simple graphics but has a pleasing color palette and just enough lighting effects to give the game some depth. This is from the same folks who make the excellent list/notes app Clear ($4.99) and co-developed the charming virtual pet Hatch (Free), so you know the polish will be high here. Almost Impossible is currently just awaiting Apple approval and should be out sometime in November on iOS, Mac and Apple TV.