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Fun Auto-Scrolling Platformer ‘Darthy’ Hits the App Store and Apple TV Soon

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Collin Wade Thiessen, along with his kids Kaleb and Jeya, is launching a new platformer called Darthy, on the App Store next week. While it’s got a simple pixel art style, the game’s actually pretty solid. It’s got auto-scrolling, but you can move in both horizontal directions, while jumping and deploying a limited-use fireball attack to burst through occasional obstacles, while avoiding your typical platformer hazards: crushing ceilings, falling platforms, the walls that get in your way while flying a rocketship…wait, what? Yeah, this game throws a few curveballs your way. It’s got solid variety and just a good feel to the game when you play it.

Darthy will be free-to-play with IAPs to remove ads and to skip levels. This one should be hitting the Apple TV and even Steam around the same time that the iOS version launches next week on October 29th, but the iOS version is locked in for then, as well. Our forum members helped beta test this one, and you can check out the upcoming forum thread for more info.

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