‘Guitar Hero Live’ Launches on the App Store, iOS Guitars Are Coming… And T-Mobile Is Offering Financing?

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Guitar Hero has launched today for consoles, and it’s available wherever you prefer to buy video games at. The console game is available in two different bundles, sold at $99 and $149, depending on whether you want one or two guitars. But what if you don’t have a console, and prefer to game on your iOS device? Well, Guitar Hero Live (Free) hit the App Store this morning. The free download will get you two songs to fiddle with, and the rest of the game can be unlocked in one of two ways: Either via buying a $49.99 IAP or by picking up the $99 iOS bundle which (as of this writing) only seems to be sold through T-Mobile?

Stranger yet, T-Mobile is offering to finance the whole thing. Per the press release that went out this morning:

Only at T-Mobile can qualified customers purchase the Guitar Hero Live bundle that includes a Bluetooth guitar and a redeemable code to download the mobile game for $0 down + $4.16/23 months and a final payment of $4.31 (FRP: $99.99) with the Un-carrier’s zero-interest financing program*.

I’m not sure who would want to finance the Guitar Hero Live iOS controller over two years, but offering weird things for only a couple bucks a month of why outfits like Rent-a-Center are in business, so surely it’ll appeal to someone.

Knowing how people feel about mobile game pricing, I imagine there’s going to be some heavy scoffing at the price tag of Guitar Hero Live, but consider this: The mobile version is the console version. You get all the same songs, access to the 200 song live streaming service, and (if you spring for it), the same guitar controller. If you’ve got an Apple TV you can use as an AirPlay target, you can use your phone to straight up play the game in the exact same way you’d play the console version. Additionally, if you don’t care about the guitar, you’ll be able to play the full game for half what you’d be paying on consoles.

The guitar is also supposed to work with the new Apple TV version of the game which will likely launch along side the new Apple TV release. I’m sure someone will come up with some kind of crazy argument about why this should be cheaper, but, I think it’s really exciting to be seeing same-day iOS releases of games which previously would only be available on consoles. (It’s almost like what we’ve been saying about games becoming more and more platform agnostic as mobile hardware gets better is coming true!)

We’re still waiting for details on where else you’ll be able to buy the MFi guitar controller aside from directly from T-Mobile, and when it’ll be available… But if I had to guess I’d say Activision is probably waiting to do a big push when the new Apple TV ships next week with Guitar Hero Live getting some prime promotion from Apple as a big-name Apple TV (admittedly, non-exclusive) launch new Apple TV title. We’ll have a review up as soon as we figure out if it makes more sense to review now, or next week when the new Apple TV is out. (We also need to track down a MFi guitar.) …So, stay tuned.

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