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‘Sheep Dreams Are Made of This’ Has a Clever Pun and a Crazy Gimmick

Let me give you a hot headline-writing tip: anything with “Dreams" in the title allows you to reference Eurythmics’ 80’s hit “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)," and you can probably get away with it. It’s an iconic song and it shouldn’t anger your commenters too much. Feel free to disagree with me below. But as such, I’m mad at Sheep Dreams Are Made of This, because it goes ahead and snatches any pun opportunities, and almost winds up being a double pun on “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" So, to developer MiniChimera, I shake my fist and applaud you, just as I do for your game’s crazy gimmick.

See, in Sheep Dreams Are Made of This, you play as a sheep that must run and collect all the cubes that represent dream fragments in order to escape the dream. You’re constantly running and can jump low or high to collect the cubes, and falling through the world may take you to different levels. It’s pretty challenging and you’ll have a lot to keep track of in order to beat it. Oh, and, you only have 8 hours real-world time, even while the game is closed, to beat it. So, good luck with that! This one is set for iOS soon – possibly this month, according to the forum thread. But if you want to play it now, it’s available for Windows and Mac on