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‘Neon Drive’ is a Slick Neon-Retro-Futuristic Endless Driver Coming Soon

While Horizon Chase (Free) has set an absurdly high bar for retro-inspired racing games to live up to, as I outline in my five-star review, that doesn’t mean that other developers shouldn’t take a shot at it themselves. Thankfully, Fraoula is developing Neon Chase, a racing game that has a lot more in common with the lane-based endless runner genre, but features an incredibly slick 80’s neon look. Just look at it in action:

That is looking slick, and there’s a whole host of environments to run through while you dodge obstacles at high speed. The game’s contradictory retro-futuristic style is something we’re seeing in other games, like the upcoming PC game Power Drive 2000, but the gameplay is quite different than that game’s racing experience. And if we get a glut of neon-retro-futuristic games, then I think there are worse problems to have. Check out the Neon Drive forum thread for more on this slick-looking game.