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‘Incurve – Sector 2’ Will Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

The first Incurve ($0.99) was a nifty game that got a pretty cool update that mixed up what the original game mode was about. The update added in a mode that put you on a single screen, and tracked your best high jump, long jump, triple jump, and dive. It was a neat way to to explore different ways to play with the same core game mechanic. Now, Incurve – Sector 2 is in the works, and while it will use the same basic mechanic of tapping and holding to orbit around a sphere, then allowing you to launch off of it by letting go, it’ll feature several new modes to play in. Check out a video demoing some of the new modes:

Honestly, this idea sems remarkably clever, and an interesting way to explore a concept in new ways. The level-based ideas seem intriguing, as does the 100 meter dash. The developer, Riku Tamminen, is looking for beta testers for Incurve – Stage 2, and you can sign up here if you’re interested in testing it out.