Happymagenta Enters the Idle Clicker Fray with ‘Hyper Swiper’

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Happymagenta’s one of my favorite casual game publishers on the App Store, though it feels like it’s been a while since we heard about any releases from them. Well, they’ve got a brand new game out now, and it’s their entry into the popular idle clicker genre, with Hyper Swiper (Free). While the title indicates that you have to swipe to do your taps/clicks to attack, you can also tap to attack, though you’re kind of going against the title. Still, freedom!

If you’ve played Tap Titans (Free), it’s similar in structure to that, where you face off against occasional bosses as you defeat enemies, with limited amounts of time to defeat them. You have special abilities you can trigger on a time-limited basis, along with the ability to upgrade both active and passive damage attacks. There are two currencies that you can earn, with video ads for boosts and to get more of the gems. It’s a pretty solid, if not familiar, idle clicker, but with a pleasing visual style to it. If you’re a fan of clickers, this is worth a download.

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    "Pretty solid. Pleasing visual style. Worth a download." - Touch Arcade Hyper Swiper is an idle RPG game where you beco…
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