Due to Popular Demand and Love for Maglor, an Instabuy Cat T-Shirt Now Exists

Yesterday we posted about the unveiling of the Official TouchArcade Shirt which is now available on Amazon, and we asked for other ideas for shirts people want to see. The response was overwhelmingly a T-Shirt with Maglor’s Instabuy Cat on it, so, here you go.


Maglor Instabuy Cat on the front, tiny TouchArcade icon on the back. Not included is instructions on how to explain to people what your shirt is all about when they ask you, as I’m not sure there’s a good way of doing it without looking like a weirdo. “Well, you see, there’s this iPhone games site I visit, and there was this guy who was always first to comment whenever a game review got posted and his comment always included this cat, so I have a t-shirt with it on it," sounds a little weird.

But that totally won’t stop me from rocking my Maglor pride. Hopefully he returns to TouchArcade soon, it’s just not the same without him.