Get the Official TouchArcade T-Shirt from Amazon Merch

hodapp_2015-Oct-08If you’ve had a giant hole in your life that can only be filled with a t-shirt sporting the name and logo of the #1 iOS games site on the internet… Well, guess what, today is your lucky day. The Official TouchArcade T-Shirt is here. It’s printed on a 100% cotton American Apparel shirt, and wearing it will automatically make you the coolest person around.

The shirts are being printed and shipped via Amazon Merch, so if you’re an Amazon Prime member you can get the TouchArcade shirt shipped to you for free. Additionally, being Amazon and all, there’s totally free returns in the absolutely insane event that you get your TouchArcade shirt and decide it isn’t awesome enough. (Or it doesn’t fit you, or something.)

Oh, and indie developers looking to get merch made for your particular iOS game, it’s super easy. There’s Illustrator, Photoshop, and GIMP templates that make the process of designing your shirt and preparing your art ridiculously easy. They’ve even got a really great page explaining the particulars when it comes to the differences in creating RGB game art and CMYK printed art. It also costs you absolutely nothing to set up, and there’s no minimum (or maximum) to speak of. I’m seriously just shocked by how simple this all is, having dealt with personally selling (and shipping) runs of screen printed shirts in the past.

Anyway, yeah! Get the Official TouchArcade T-Shirt today! Also, we’re totally down with having more than one t-shirt design if anyone has any fun ideas. Maybe a shirt with the Maglor instabuy cat?!