The First Episodes of ‘Tales From The Borderlands’ and ‘Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf’ Have Gone Free

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If you like story-heavy games or if you simply like to explore new worlds on your mobile devices, then I’ve got a good sale for you. The first episodes of TellTale’s Tales from the Bordelands (Free) and Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf (Free) have gone free, so here’s your chance to get your foot into those two adventures for cheap. Telltale’s take on first person shooter Borderlands was a surprising hit and a very intriguing translation of a shooter to a story-based game. Now you can get the first of the five episodes for free for the first time; perhaps this is Telltale’s way of apologizing for the debacle with its games disappearing from the App Store these last few days. Well, it’s not like it could put any other of its games on sale since they are almost all gone from the App Store.

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf is also a translation of sorts since it’s the digital adaptation of the classic gamebooks. The game tells the story of Lone Wolf, a powerful warrior monk with a tragic past. The developers tried to infuse a Final Fantasy-like battle system to what is essentially a digital narrative, and while it wasn’t a groundbreaking success, it definitely spices up the game. In addition to the first Act, there are three more acts in the game and you can buy the season pass for $11.99, down from its original $12.99. While Tales from the Borderlands is definitely the better of the two games, both games are fun to play and offer different approaches to telling a narrative. And, after all, they are both free, so go get them.

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