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‘Clash of Clans’-Like Word Game ‘Spelldom’ Goes Global This Month

It would be a pretty fair assessment to say that two of the biggest multiplayer games in iOS history are Words with Friends (Free) and Clash of Clans (Free). But what if, in the tradition of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and anyone else who thinks that two disparate things should be combined into one, you combined the two into one game? That’s Spelldom, which we’ve talked about before. You build up defenses on your board to hinder your opponents trying to raid your base by way of making Scrabble-esque word plays. It’s a clever combination, and we now know when you’ll be able to play it: October 21st. Developer HangZone has just released a new trailer demoing how the multiplayer works in action:

It’s a pretty clever combination of two well-worn genres, and based on what I’ve played, it’s certainly worth a download if you’re intrigued once it goes global. The game is in soft launch in Canada if you’re Canadian, or an impatient non-Canadian with the knowhow and possibly a love for poutine.