New iPhone Games Coming Tonight: ‘Leave Me Alone’, ‘Chesh’, ‘Space Miner Wars’, ‘Dub Dash’ and More

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Wendnesdays without Jared are… A lot more work. Dude is on his honeymoon right now, and in the last few days I can’t even count the number of times I’ve found myself thinking, “I wish Jared were here, he’d love this." Meanwhile, here I am, plugging away. We’ve got a hefty list of games tonight, including Crescent Moon’s Leave Me Alone, Chesh looks neat, and it’s cool to see the iBomber series still alive and kicking with iBomber Winter Warfare. Oh, and Space Miner Wars switches from being soft launched to actually launched today. I’m guessing Dub Dash will be the release that gains the most traction with our community, given how popular Geometry Dash has been, but, who knows!

Here’s the full list of new games that have been posted to our forums. If your game isn’t here, you probably didn’t post a thread for it!

Stay tuned for the full roundup later this evening, around 11:00 PM Eastern.

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