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‘Metal Hammer: Roadkill’ Could be the Most Metal Action Runner Ever

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Team Rock, the company that publishes Classic Rock Magazine, Prog Magazine, and Metal Hammer, are launching a games division, and their first game is based on that last magazine. Metal Hammer: Roadkill is coming out next week. They’re calling it a combination between an endless runner and rhythm/action game. That means you’ll use a giant metal hammer to slay some demonic beasts, all set to metal music. I mean, just the screenshot of the game screams metal as hell:

Metal Hammer Roadkill

Metal Hammer: Roadkill is going to feature artists from the Nuclear Blast label, including Suicide Silence, Epica, Sabaton, Hammerfall, Threshold, and Exodus. Team Rock Games is promising more content and music coming after launch. But hey, any game where you get to use an actual metal hammer to slay demons while listening to metal sounds intriguing enough to me. This one releases for free next week on Thursday, October 15th. I love me some metal, so I’ll probably be downloading it. I’ll leave it to commenters to debate whether my listening to Deafheaven right now counts as metal or not.

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