New ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl is Up – It’s Clockwork Card Dealer

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It’s Wednesday, so you all know what day it is. Yes, it’s Hearthstone (Free) Tavern Brawl day, a now weekly tradition that we the faithful have enjoyed (for at least one match a week). As I’ve said many times, I like it when the developers go with weird Brawls that have unusual rules. In other words, I want my Brawls to force me to play Hearthstone not the way I play Ranked and Arena, and this week’s Brawl, Clockwork Card Dealer, does a good job of forcing me to rethink my deckbuilding. This week, Tinkertown gnomes have gone for a protoype card-bot (as if Hearthstone didn’t have enough bots as is) that will draw you a card with a mana cost equal to the mana you have that turn. So, on turn 4 you’ll draw a 4-mana card, if you have one in your deck.

Since the Brawl pretty much guarantees you’ll draw cards on curve, mulligan accordingly; no point in holding on to lower-cost cards since the game will draw them for you when it’s time to play them anyway. You’ll have to make your own deck this time around so, of course, make sure you have cards of all mana costs, as long as that works for your strategy. Also, don’t have combos with many cards of the same mana cost because you’ll probably not get them in time to play them. Instead, try to have combos with cards that are one mana-cost apart. Ok, go brawl now.

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