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‘Wrinkle’ is a Paper-Based Impossible Platformer from Appsolute Games

Appsolute Games is one of the hardest-working publishers on the App Store, publishing a new micro-game every single week. They’re definitely not alone in that field, but their games generally are well-done, and there’s no real record of icky behavior and outright cloning that comes with similar publishers. After recent releases Cave Swing (Free) and Sick Sam (Free) in the last few weeks, Appsolute is publishing another game in the impossible platformer genre: Wrinkle, coming out this Thursday.

The game has you controlling a wadded up ball of paper escaping its trash can prison and rolling on through a paper world where colorful enemies – literally, your enemies are in color and the safe environments are monochrome – will try to stop you. The occasional checkpoint can be had, allowing you to restart from there. This is definitely a solid example of the impossible platformer, and with some good production values. Plus, it’ll be free-to-play with an IAP to remove ads. Like many other of the Appsolute games, it probably won’t win any game of the year awards, but it’s a fun little diversion at worst, and I enjoy checking out whatever the studio has next up. It releases this Thursday, October 1st. The forum thread has some promo codes if you want to play the game early, too!