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‘Baseball Apocalypse’ is Exactly That, from the Developer of ‘Wave Wave’

Look, if the end of the world is going to happen, I want baseball to be involved somehow. Because when we run out of the electricity to power our mobile devices and we likely blot out the sun, all we’re going to have left is baseball. Thus, I am all in favor of Thomas Janson’s vision of the apocalypse, in his next game Baseball Apocalypse. It’s about fighting off zombies in the apocalypse by hitting them with balls off of a baseball bat.

This is an endless game where you defeat the undead by thwacking the myriad undead with your baseball prowess, trying not to get eaten by those dastardly parachuting zombie skulls. Thomas Janson is the developer of Wave Wave (Free), and he’s done the development and animations on this one, with art by Gareth Davies, and music by Danimal Cannon and Chris Penner. This one looks pretty neat, and I like titles that directly relate to what they’re about. Expect this one sometime in mid-to-late October.