While Not an Actual Game, ‘Just Cause 3: Wingsuit Experience’ is Still Pretty Cool

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Square Enix has just released a very smart piece of advertising for the upcoming console/PC game Just Cause 3. Instead of coming out with a bad mobile tie-in that would probably get more derision than praise, it decided to simply show off the game’s visuals and huge play world while at the same time jumping on the mobile VR train for extra bonus points. The Just Cause 3: Wingsuit Experience (Free) is pretty much just that; you get to experience in full 360-degree video Rico flying around in his wingsuit. By using the phone’s gyroscope, you can turn the camera around Rico as he flies over a few Mediterranean islands. This app showcases the game’s huge world and graphics engine very nicely, I think.

And while the phone experience is pretty cool, if you happen to own a Google Cardboard or any other VR goggle, you can turn the whole thing into a VR experience with the tap of a button. From what I saw playing around with the app, the VR will definitely impress those who try it. So, while this isn’t a game, this interactive “video experience" is definitely worth experiencing. And as a side-note, if you have a console or a PC, keep an eye out for Just Cause 3 because I’ve played the previous one and it was fantastic.


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    ** Please Note this app is not supported on iPhone 4 and 4S **

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