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‘Mavenfall’ Combines ‘Heroes Charge’ with ‘Hearthstone’ in an Interesting CCG

Blue Tea Games, developers of Fable Age (Free), are hard at work at a brand-new game that mixes in some of the hero-battling of games like Heroes Charge (Free) with the CCG and battling aspects of Hearthstone (Free). It’s called Mavenfall, and it’s in the works right now, with a soft launch version just released in New Zealand and Ireland. Check out the trailer for the game:

You roll into battle with up to 5 heroes, and each turn, you draw from 3 cards for each character, who has 10 cards that they bring in to battle. The cards for each character are drawn from each character’s deck, but you can choose which character you’re drawing for. Your attacks by default attack front-line characters, but different abilities can change this. There’s an interesting mix between the randomness of a CCG, and having skill to choose who you’re attacking with. I’ve played with the game a bit, and it’s all a really interesting package, and it’ll be launching worldwide this fall. Until then, check out the forum thread for more.