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MOBA ‘Ace of Arenas’ Launches Worldwide on September 24th

If you’re a big fan of MOBAs on mobile, between all the Vainglory (Free) updates, Call of Champions (Free) going worldwide, and Heroes of Order and Chaos (Free) just still kinda kicking around (it got new characters last week), you actually are doing pretty well for yourself. But another game is about to drop, and it’s Ace of Arenas, which we’ve previewed before, but you’ll be able to check this one out when it goes worldwide next week. It’s a game that’s definitely more on the quick side of things than Call of Champions while maintaining some of the more traditional depth of a game like Vainglory.

You can play in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 battles, with the ability to win by scoring enough kills or by destroying the enemy base. 1v1 mode is really interesting, because the soft launch was really imbalanced toward ranged characters, and I’m curious how that got fixed for the final version. But the controls are really interesting: you use a virtual joystick to move around, but have all your abilities and targeting available from buttons and gestures with your right thumb. It’s a surprisingly intuitive system, and I’m curious to see what MOBA experts and the fanbase as a whole think of the game and its controls. Ace of Arenas launches on September 24th and will be free-to-play, with various heroes, skins, and items available for purchase.