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‘Scrubby Dubby Saga’ is King’s Next Match-3 Game, Currently in Soft Launch

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King is working on its next match-3 puzzle game, and it’s currently in soft launch in New Zealand. Scrubby Dubby Saga is the game, and it’s a match-3 where you move entire rows and columns around to make matches, a la You Must Build a Boat ($2.99), as opposed to the individual piece switching of Candy Crush Saga (Free). Check out a video of it in action:

Don’t be surprised if this one follows a pretty standard formula for King match-3 games. After all, you could call them the king of match-3 puzzlers on the App Store. I’m so sorry for that pun. If you enjoy rubber ducks and hippos as more cubic creatures, row-sliding match-3 games, and bathing-related media in general, this might be worth keeping an eye on. There’s a forum thread for soft launch players.

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