Spacetime Studios’ Speed MOBA ‘Call of Champions’ Out Now Worldwide

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Good news, everyone: Spacetime Studios’ speed MOBA Call of Champions (Free), which we’ve previewed at various points this year, at both GDC and when the beta opened up, is now out worldwide ahead of the normal Thursday launch date. The game uses 5-minute matches to allow you to play quick MOBA matches from anywhere, perfectly playable over wi-fi and cellular using technology Spacetime has developed over the last few years. Games are decided not only by destroying the enemy base, but by towers destroyed and then by kills if time runs out and there are any ties. It’s a fun distillation of the overall MOBA experience, just whittled down into mobile-friendly chunks.

The game is out now, and it’s available as a free download, monetized primarily through premium memberships to get more experience and money from battles. I was at Spacetime Studios’ headquarters in Austin recently, and had the chance to chat with some of the principals, and there’s some interesting stuff coming from that interviews I did, so keep an eye out this week for all that.

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