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The Makers of Absurd Logic Game ‘REBUS’ Bring You the “Polite Insanity” of ‘AZZL’

The developers at Jutiful, who made the interesting puzzle game REBUS – Absurd Logic Game (Free) earlier this year, are back with another artsy game that’s looking really interesting. AZZL is described as an “animation puzzle game" and Jutiful hopes “our polite insanity is to your taste." So, let’s look at the trailer and see what they’ve got going on here:

Well hey, I’m not entirely sure what exactly is going on here, but it looks pretty cool! You’ll be interacting with the colorful world, characters, and animations, all the while trying to solve puzzles to bring everything back to the polite insanity that Jutiful’s created here. They’re promising 100 cartoon stories, with secrets to find in them, and no in-app purchases whatsoever. Jutiful is certainly gaining a reputation for stylish artwork with this and Rebus, and I’m curious to try this one out for myself. There’s a forum thread for AZZL if you want to chat about the game. Expect this one on September 24th, for $2.99.