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What Happened to ‘Storm Casters’? Well, It’s Coming Back as ‘Storm Casters Ultra’.

Life is funny. I saw Dungeon Boss (Free) release recently, and the general aesthetic of the game, especially the fonts, reminded me a lot of Get Set Games’ Storm Casters, a fun and fast top-down shooter RPG that came out last year. I forgot about the name, and went through a year-plus of purchased apps to finally find it. But what was weird was that the game actually wasn’t on the App Store any more. I mean, it still works on iOS 8, so what was the deal with it being pulled? Well, the answer has been revealed: a new game, Storm Casters Ultra has just soft-launched in Canada and Denmark.

It’ll be interesting to see just what this entails as a new entry in the series. Considering the original game was heavily driven by a card-based system, and this one is as well, it’s not hard to see where this is making the free-to-play shift. Get Set is promising new Ultra Cards, an “enhanced story", a fourth card slot, and new Prestige game modes which promise to quadruple the amount of content in the game, so this seems more like just a re-release than a true sequel. Still, the original game was really cool, and I’m glad it’s coming back at some point! Check out the forum thread for more.