‘World of Tanks: Blitz’ Releases 2.1 Update, Continues to Slowly But Surely Improve

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One thing I like about World of Tanks: Blitz (Free) is the constant updates with which constantly bombards its tank simulator. These updates do more than simply improve the game; they also add new tanks all the time, expanding the ways you can play the game as the various tanks play quite differnetly from each other. Update 2.1, which has just dropped, continues in the tradition of adding new toys to play with. Specifically, this update has added a whole branch of British tank destroyers that includes the UC-2 pdr (II), the Valentine AT (III), the Alecto (IV), the heavy-duty Tortoise (IX), and the monstrous FV215b 183 (X). These are some of the most famous tank destroyers from the PC version, so I’m glad to see them coming to the Blitz version, especially since I usually play tank destroyers.

The update has also added Clan Chat, to improve communication between Clan members, as well as a much better Clan search process. Hopefully, Clan battles will be coming to the game soon as they really offer a whole different way to play WOT Blitz with your friends. The game now offers easier access to the various WOT Blitz related internet pages; while the Twitter one might not be as useful to most, the Forum pages are very useful, especially for newer players. Missions have also seen some needed improvement with a new mission distribution algorithm considering the players’ most frequently used vehicles in order to provide players with more useful missions. Finally, we got some nerfs and buffs, as is always the case, with mostly lower tier tanks getting either some love or some hate. Go here if you want to see the patch notes and the balance improvements in detail.

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