‘Minecraft: Pocket Edition’ 0.12 Update Is Out! Go Build!

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Well, need I say more than what the title says? Ok, fine, I’ll expand on the self-evident. Minecraft: Pocket Edition‘s ($6.99) biggest update ever has finally dropped, bringing the game closer to the PC version and adding many essential features. What are those you ask? Well, only the following few: controller support, the hunger system, weather, sprinting and sneaking, brewing, anvils, brewing stands, flower pots, Nether blocks, many new items such as potions, golden apples, blaze powder, and spider eyes. We are also getting many Creative inventory additions like gunpowder, sugar, slimeball, coal and charcoal, emerald, diamond, steak, bread, string, and all kinds of armors. 0.12 also adds Iron and Snow Golems and Ocelots. Oh, and another small addition, the Nether with its Nether Fortresses.

These are just a few of the additions in this huge update, and you can see now why I said this update really changes the game up and brings mobile gamers closer to being able to play the full PC game on the go. I’ll definitely be streaming MC:PE on our Mobcrush channel more now that I can finally play in Survival without falling to my death all the time. And rumor has it that the next update will bring Redstone circuits to the game, which will of course make building much more entertaining. What are you most excited about in this new update?

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