New ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl is Out – Double the Deathrattles!

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Hearthstone‘s (Free) new Tavern Brawl has opened its gates, and it’s a fun one. The Double Deathratller Battler is all about, of course, Deathrattles. Like last week’s Brawl, you get to make your own deck and then head to battle. The rules are pretty simple this week as any minion with Deathrattle will trigger twice, which creates all kinds of fun if you are playing the right deck. Personally, I couldn’t resist the tempation of bringing a couple of Dreadsteeds along the way just for the fun of it, and, as I expected, I quickly ran out of space on my board for my little horses. Another good deck idea is running a couple of Mad Scientists so you can create your own Christmas Tree Hero with all the secrets you can get into the battlefield once he dies.

What many on reddit are reacting to, and I think they have a point, is that most of the good Deathrattle cards come from the Curse of Naxxramas Adventure, which means that many F2P players have limited options for this Brawl. Add to this the fact that last week’s Brawl was also a “make your own deck" Brawl, and you can see why some players are complaining that Blizzard isn’t showing enough love to those who don’t have great card collections. I hope that Blizzard will go with more pre-constructed or random decks for the next few Brawls to even things out. So, if you have them, get those Deathrattle minions and onward to battle.

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