‘Crossy Road’ Coming to New Apple TV with Multiplayer

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Andy Sum of Hipster Whale showed up on stage at the big Apple TV unveiling in order to show off the latest version of Crossy Road (Free), coming to Apple TV. The game will use the swipe features of the new remote, but the big new feature of the game is going to be multiplayer. Another player on an iPhone can play simultaneously with another player, working cooperatively to get a new high score, or able to knock each other around to potentially sabotage each other. Good luck!

Crossy Road Multiplayer 2

While Crossy Road has shown up on TVs before over on Amazon Fire TV, the new multiplayer feature is a big addition. And hey, when it comes to gaming on your TV, Apple didn’t forget the most important thing: just make Crossy Road, jeez.

Crossy Road Multiplayer

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