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What is Noodlecake and Hyperbeard’s ‘The Balloons’? Will Haters Love It? Good Question(s)!

What the heck is the new Noodlecake-published game, The Balloons? Well, we know the game involves Hyperbeard Games, makers of Muertitos ($0.99). And hey, it’s cool to see developers from Mexico being represented on the App Store, with Noodlecake also publishing Mucho Taco this week from another Mexico studio. And it’s apparently good enough to convince haters of clickers to express their love! And development firm Apps-o-Rama plays a role as well. But what role is that, exactly? Well, the teaser doesn’t really explain anything yet:

So we’ve got a pixel art logo, spikes worried about oncoming balloons, where it seems like the balloon should be more worried about the spike. Is it like a bee’s stinger kind of thing where a spike can only spike a thing once before it dies? I haven’t dealt with spikes, so I don’t know! Why is the logo pixel art? Is this a pixelly game despite the teaser being not pixel art? Technically all computer art is pixel art, I suppose. What will this game ultimately be? Speculate wildly in the comments below!