Scott Cawthon Announces ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s 4’ Halloween Plans – Might Include Sneak Peek of New Game

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Mr. Cawthon refuses to rest on the laurels of his huge success, Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 ($2.99), and has popped up to talk about his plans for the upcoming 1.1 Halloween update. First of all, the October 31st content will be a free update for all and not a DLC, although I’m sure those who own the game would probably have bought the DLC too. According to Cawthon, some of the plans are more certain than others since he’s still working on the update as we speak. If you are one of those who’ve beaten Night 6, the update will add all kinds of fun stuff in your extras menu, including a challenge menu, a cheat menu, and a twist on a familiar minigame, which means that those who can beat the challenges will have access to a new set of stars to earn. The preceding additions are going to be released for certain.

He also said that he’s hoping to release a new game on Halloween (but not FNAF 5), if he manages to finish it by then. If he doesn’t manage to have even a playable demo by that time, he’ll show some sneak-peak content to you all. Talking about what won’t be included in the update, Cawthon said don’t hope to see the box. He goes on to explain his amazement at how quickly everyone found all the bits of the FNAF lore and story in the first three games, but was astonished to see that not one single person found the pieces of lore in FNAF 4, which means the story is still hidden. Since the community hasn’t managed to find the pieces of lore in the latest game, Cawthon has decided to leave them hidden, forgotten forever. Isn’t that a very interesting move by the man whose games have spawned millions of online detectives. If you want to read his piece about the update, go here.

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