‘Hearthstone’ Will Soon Welcome ‘The Grand Tournament’ Expansion, So, a Few Last Words

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Well, it’s almost time to welcome Hearthstone‘s (Free) new expansion, The Grand Tournament. Excited yet? Well, I am, but it’s my duty to remind you of a couple of things before the expansion hits. First, Amazon is offering 20% Coins Back on all TGT pack purchases. This offer is only valid for customers in the US, UK, and Germany, and there’s a bit of a process to buying those packs as JR Cook explains in a post on Blizzpro. So, if you don’t mind the hassle, there are some savings there for you. Also, Blizzard’s TGT pre-order, where you get 50 packs and a card-back for $49.99, should still be available, although I’m sure not for long, so this is your last chance to get in on that. As for a release time, all we know officially so far is the tweet below.

More often than not, Blizzard goes with slightly different release times globally, but we’ll see what the company does with this release. Once TGT hits, you should go play with all the new toys, but if you are the competitive type, this week will be your golden opportunity to take that Face Hunter for a stroll as everyone else is messing around with the new cards. Don’t go crafting any cards either until the meta settles down a bit. And remember, don’t be these guys once the expansion hits; make sure you buy the correct packs! Once the expansion officially releases, we’ll let you know.


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