Robert Topala’s ‘Geometry Dash’ Should Be Getting 2.0 Update Very Soon

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Geometry Dash ($1.99), Robert Topala’s infuriating, and very fun, platformer should soon be getting its 2.0 Update. Recently, Topala posted on the game’s Facebook page a list of all the big features that the upcoming big update will include, which means the update is coming along nicely and, hopefully, shouldn’t be too far away from hitting the App Store. Some of the new features are a new user coins system for custom levels, teleportation portals, moving objects, over 50 new icons, ships, UFOs, Robots, a lot of new art, both for backgrounds and objects, and many more. The update also enhances the game’s editor by adding more editor options, including better toggles to ease level building.

The 2.0 update will also enhance the game’s social features with an in-game Friend system, friends leaderboard, an in-game messaging system between Friends, player profile pages, and the ability to follow creators and find their latest maps. According to Topala, when he posted the patch notes on Facebook, he still had a few issues to fix before submitting the update to Apple, so hopefully that means you won’t have long to wait for the update to hit.

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