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New ‘Antihero’ Trailer Released, Game Still Trying to Charm You Dead

antiheroIf you woke up today thinking “I need instructions about disposing of a body," I have just the thing for you. Antihero, the cute Dickensian 4X with a heart of murder has just released another trailer with more gameplay and a lovely little song about burying various body parts in various locations. We first wrote about this game back in September, charmed by its whimsical take on thievery, stabbing, and general lawlessness. Antihero is a fast-paced take on the 4X genre, an anti-Civilization if you like since your purpose is to nibble at the seams of prim and proper Victorian civility, stealing resources, killing those who get in the way, and infiltrating banks and other institutions to mold them to your evil (or misunderstood) aims.

According to the developers (a small, two-men team), the game offers many ways of fulfilling your nefarious intentions, ranging from non-violent (the occasional blackmail) to the rather more to the point in the form of becoming an assassin for hire.The game offers a single-player story-driven campaign, and, even more interestingly, cross-platform asynchronous multiplayer mode. The trailer above has all new footage (although the endearing song has made its presence in older trailers) and shows the various characters you’ll use to take what capitalism has withheld from you but your cunning nature has generously provided. The game doesn’t have an official release date yet, but it looks like it won’t make its original 2015 release date, so, hopefully, early 2016.