New Trailer Released for the ‘Space Marshals’ Chapter 3 Update that’s Hitting this Week

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We’ve been hearing about a Chapter 3 update for Pixelbite’s incredibly awesome dual-stick action game Space Marshals ($3.99) ever since it was first unveiled in June. Pixelbite promised a heavier emphasis on stealth gameplay in Chapter 3 along with an assortment of new enemies, weapons and gadgets. At the end of last month, Pixelbite announced that the Chapter 3 update would arrive on August 13th, and since that’s just a couple of days away they’ve just released a brand new trailer detailing some of the new stuff we’ll be seeing in said update. Let me tell you, they have definitely lived up to their promises of delivering tons of cool new things.

If you aren’t hip to the whole Space Marshals thing, be sure to read our full review of the initial release of the game, or check out all the positive impressions from players in our forums. Of course, it’s only gotten better since then, with the release of a beefy Chapter 2 update as well as MFi controller support. Chapter 3 should be a doozy, so look for it to arrive as a free update to Space Marshals sometime on or around this Thursday.

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