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‘Gnomium: Pocket Edition’ is a Smaller Version of the Upcoming Word Game ‘Gnomium’ Coming This Summer

We talked about Gnomium a while back, as the game looked like it was going to be quite entertaining for a word game on the App Store. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a word game, it’s just like every other crowded genre, games need something special to stand out. Well, the plans for Gnomium have changed a bit, as the game is getting split into two different releases. Gnomium: Pocket Edition is a simplified version of the larger Gnomium game, featuring just the word game part of the equation, as you work against the timer to rearrange words and score more and more points.

The plan is for Gnomium: Pocket Edition to release later this summer, with a debut at the Salt Lake Gaming Con this week. Gnomium: Pocket Edition will be free-to-play, and use a similar credits system as the free version of Threes ($5.99) uses. The big Gnomium game will likely get a new subtitle to differentiate it, but will otherwise continue development. Check out the forum thread for more on Gnomium: Pocket Edition.