‘Marvel: Contest of Champions’ Has Grossed Over $100,000,000 So Far

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Want another example of just how ridiculous the scale of free to play is? Strap in for this one: Kabam’s Marvel: Contest of Champions (Free) has crossed the $100,000,000 line of overall gross income. Now, it remains to be seen how much of that $100M has gone in to stoking the freemium fires through user acquisition, advertising campaigns, and similar. Knowing how most of these games work, I’m guessing quite a bit.

That $100M came from 40,000,000 worldwide downloads, which is another pretty crazy number. The game’s pretty good too, Jared is totally obsessed with it, and if you’ve watched his streams on our Mobcrush channel, you’ll see just how deep this rabbit hole goes.

We’ve got a review of the game up too, although it’s been updated so many times since then that it’s worth considering that the game has gotten even better over time. So, are you a part of that $100M? Is it surprising these games are making so much? The scale always blows my mind. I mean, 40 million downloads means if every single person in Canada downloaded the game, you’d still need to find another 5 million people to make up the rest of that number.

That’s crazy.

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