‘Gangstar Vegas’ Goes to Hell in New “Devil’s Due” Update

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It’s kind of crazy to think that more than two years later and Gameloft’s open-world crime game Gangstar Vegas (Free) is still getting huge content updates on the regular. I guess that’s one of the side benefits of having a free to play game with no cap on revenue generation. As long as it keeps being popular and keeps making money, developers can continue to add new content to it. Anyway, the latest Gangstar Vegas update is dubbed “Devil’s Due" and includes an entirely new storyline branch where you’ve got to get your soul back from the Devil.

The update includes a massive new hell location called the Inferno, as well as a hell-themed new vehicle called the Devil Dart XL and a bunch of freaky new gear to outfit your character with. They’ve also added in the newest version of Kamcord which will let you live stream your exploits in Gangstar Vegas. It’s crazy, I haven’t actually played Gangstar Vegas since around the time it came out in 2013. With so much new stuff added over the past two years, I’m really interested to pick it up again and see what I’ve been missing out on. It sounds like Gameloft is far from done with it too, so expect even more new content for Gangstar Vegas down the road.

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