‘Angry Birds 2’ Out Now Worldwide

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Angry Birds 2 (Free) is out now worldwide. The first numbered sequel to the original Angry Birds (Free), this was announced earlier this month, and teased in various forms, and it’s now available worldwide. Some of the big changes? You can select the order of the birds you use, there’s special multi-stage levels, and even bosses to fight. If you wanted a premium game, well, it’s 2015, there’s little reason for games to sell at 99 cents any more.

There were rumors that this was the soft-launched Angry Birds Under Pigstruction due to a few similarities between the art for Angry Birds 2 and the art in this game, and some other elements that were in tihs version of the game. Turns out they were true, as that game has been renamed to Angry Birds 2. So if you guessed that would be the case, well, good call. Will this turn out to be a major phenomenon? We’ll see.

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