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‘You Against Me’ is a Game Center Multiplayer Game Releasing This Week

If you’re looking for another neat head-to-head Game Center game in the vein of Kindo ($1.99), You Against Me should scratch that itch. It’s a numbers-based card game, where you and an opponent take turns playing from a hand of 5 number cards, laying it down on a board. If your card is on a number, it’s yours. If you get a number surrounded on one side by other numbers, it’s locked and can’t be played again. After each play, you draw from a pile of two cards, one being your color, the other being your opponent’s. You can take your color card knowing that it’s that number, or you can draw your opponent’s card to prevent them from playing it, though you’ll get a random number based on its card back instead.

It’s an interesting little game of back and forth that should make for some interesting matches. You can play both head-to-head on the same device, or via Game Center online, with two AI modes available in singleplayer. The game has been made by forum members who claim to have met on the forums, so this is a homegrown product from our community! You Against Me releases this week on July 30th.