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‘Five Card Quest’ is Rocketcat Games’ Upcoming Speedy Card Battler

While Rocketcat Games focuses their efforts on the upcoming Dad by the Sword, that doesn’t mean they’re forgetting their mobile roots, though their next game promises to be quite different. Five Card Quest is coming to mobile soon, and it’s a turn-based card game where you use cards from a hand of five, dealing out attacks and moves toward an enemy party. They’re aiming to combine fast-paced gameplay with strategy and planning. Here’s some footage from the beta:

This one’s quietly been in development for a while, but is just now being revealed to the world in video form. Rocketcat is still working on Death Road to Canada, too, and I’m really excited for that to release at some point. Whenever it’s done! Five Card Quest is expected in September, but release dates, like all things in life, are subject to change. Hopefully we’ll get to see this one soon enough, it’s been too long since the last Rocketcat game.