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‘Skill Wave’ is a Fun One-Tap Game from ‘Hex Brutal’ Publisher Appsolute Games

Appsolute Games is publishing titles on an almost weekly basis now, with last week seeing the neat Hex Brutal (Free). This week, they present Skill Wave, a one-tap game that blends together elements of zig-zag games and shoot ’em ups. You control a yellow dot that you can make go right by tapping and holding on the screen, with it going left automatically when you let go. Essentially, you’re trying to keep it from hitting any spikes or obstacles that get in the way, kind of like a vertical Jetpack Joyride (Free) or other similar games.

Powerups you collect can help you out, like the ability to shoot out bullets temporarily, which blows away the scenery as well as enemies! That’s helpful! Shields, speed boosts, and other powerups will help you out along the way. It’s a nifty-enough game with a nice style to it, and you can check it out as a free download on Thursday, July 30th. There’s a forum thread with promo code giveaways if you’re interested in playing it early, too.