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‘Five Nights at Freddy’s 4’ Hits Android, iOS Release Imminent

Good news, FNAF fans- It seems the mobile release of Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 is barely trailing the proper Steam release this time around. The game was released on Google Play over the weekend, it’s a 45M download which is seeing genuinely positive reviews aside from the predictable gems like this one by Alecia Wisely: “Love fnaf I hate buying stuff cuz it’s a waste of money cuz I had to use my dad’s money and gas money so people need to make it free no more money crap well I can’t wait to play it".

Historically speaking, the way Scott Cawthon releases his games amounts to titles hitting Steam first, then Android, and it seems like he submits them to Apple for approval at the same time they pop up for download on Google Play. Barring any approval drama, FNAF 4 likely will pop up on the App Store at some point this week, or next week at the latest. App Review Times is reporting the average turnaround right now is six days, so next week seems more likely.

Either way, this gives you plenty of time to butter up your Dad for some of his gas money to download the game which very likely will also be $2.99 when it launches on iOS. If you need some extra convincing for your Dad, maybe get him to read Shaun’s extensive Five Nights at Freddy’s plot guide.