Big Ol’ ‘Bitcoin Billionaire’ Update Coming August 6th, Triples the Amount of Content in the Game

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Oh man, Bitcoin Billionaire (Free), what happened man? You swooped into my life in November of last year and I was absolutely obsessed with you for days and days on end. I clicked, I auto-clicked, I bought countless useless items for my crappy apartment and then… it all came to an end, and I craved more. And you promised that more was coming! But that was a long time ago, and I don’t know, I feel different now, I guess. Can it still work between us? Do you really have anything more to offer me? The answer, apparently, is a resounding YES as we’ve just got word that Bitcoin Billionaire is set to get a massive update on August 6th that triples the amount of content in the game.

So, do you remember all that money you invested in time travel in Bitcoin Billionaire? Well it looks like that paid off in a big way, as you’re now the proud owner of a time machine that will whisk you away into the prehistoric era. This new scenario, called Bitstone to the Past, features 25 new investments, 4 new rooms with more than 20 new room items, and new achievements. There’s also a new rare item and re-investment system that applies to both this new scenario and the original one, meaning there are TONS of additional mining opportunities.

Along with all the new stuff is some nips and tucks to the experience that you’d expect from an update. So if you thought you had finally regained a hold on your life then get ready to give it all up again when the new Bitcoin Billionaire update hits on August 6th. If you somehow haven’t heard of the Bitcoin Billionaire phenomenon, then be sure to read up on our review and give it a try for yourself in anticipation of the new update. Unless you value productivity, that is.

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