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Wild Bullet Hell Shooter ‘Operation Dracula’ Launching July 30th, New Trailer Released

A few months back, Carter gave us an excellent preview of Operation Dracula, an over-the-top bullet hell shooter from developer Samurai Games and publisher Crescent Moon. Today we’ve learned that Operation Dracula finally has a launch date, next week on July 30th, and to celebrate a brand new trailer has been released. Check it out in all its early-90s-era-video-games glory!

What the developers were shooting for with Operation Dracula was to capture that loud, in your face, sometimes obnoxious essence of old-school arcade games, back when a million different arcade cabinets were all shouting for your attention. I think they nailed it! Operation Dracula is also going the premium price route, and will be available for $5.99 when it launches next week, which is actually a 25% off launch price. If you like old-school, tough as nails shoot ’em ups, I’m pretty certain you’ll dig this one.