‘Adventure Time Puzzle Quest’ Hits the App Store

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Announced back in May and arriving a wee bit later than the rest of this week’s new releases, Adventure Time Puzzle Quest (Free) is now available for download in the App Store. It’s very much what it says it is on the tin: Puzzle Quest with an Adventure Time theme. Well, I guess that’s not totally accurate. The matching-and-battling gameplay essence of Puzzle Quest is here, but this latest entry hews much closer to D3’s other licensed matching RPG Marvel Puzzle Quest (Free), as it’s free to play and loaded up with lots of social stuff.

While that might not sound great if you’re a Puzzle Quest purist, Marvel Puzzle Quest has been an absolute juggernaut on the App Store, and its popularity has allowed for it to receive a constant flow of updates and new in-game events. It’ll be interesting to see if Adventure Time Puzzle Quest will be able to capture that same sort of success. At any rate, if you’re an Adventure Time and match-3 fan it’s free to download and try and seems to be equipped with plenty of fan service. For more impressions and discussion be sure to check out the forums too.

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