Just Wear ‘Crossy Road’! – Official ‘Crossy Road’ Merchandise Now Available Worldwide

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Hipster Whale’s Crossy Road (Free), the very cool take on the classic Frogger, now aims to go from everyone’s mobile phone to everyone’s wardrobe as its official store is open for business. Merchandise is almost always the best way to go to capitalize on the success of a product (as Marvel and companies like that know very, very well), so by opening up a store, Hipster Whale can continue its quest to take over the world with its blocky road-crossing characters. If you think about it a bit, it’s funny that a F2P game, which also has one of the most forgiving monetization models, is now going the pay-to-wear route. Shouldn’t we have a new category of clothing, free-to-wear with ads on the back? Judging from the popularity of the game with people around me, especially the younger crowd, I have a feeling that Crossy Road merchandise will do quite well.

Crossy Road

The Store at the moment only has t-shirts for both adults and children, but there are categories for slippers, shoes, shorts, jackets, and many, many other items, all of which are supposed to be coming soon. Even though the store’s address is in the UK, Crossy Road items can be shipped worldwide for free and ship on the same day. With the abundance of characters to choose from, I can see this store being a fun place to shop, especially for some cool t-shirts. Currently, there’s a limited edition Hipster Whale T-Shirt that looks quite fun, so go check that out before the store runs out. Just wear Crossy Road, and all will be well.

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    Why did the Chicken cross the road? Why did the Pigeon leave THAT there? Why did Unihorse eat all that candy? Crossy Road® is the #1 viral smash hit you’ll never stop playing.
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