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‘Angry Birds 2’ Release Date Confirmed for July 30th

Angry Birds 2 was announced yesterday, and the word seemed to be that we’d hear a lot more about it later this month. However, Rovio has gone ahead and revealed that Angry Birds 2 is releasing this month, barely: July 30th is when the game comes out on app stores. Not just the App Store, but stores that sell apps all over. There’s still no actual gameplay footage, but there is this teaser. Boxes and pigs will be involved.

Expect to see and hear more of this one well ahead of the launch two weeks from now, as Rovio is pushing the game on their social media channels. While the big reveal appears to be on July 28th, which they teased yesterday, don’t be surprised if more snippets of news and info come out well ahead of that. This is suddenly one of the more fascinating upcoming mobile games, because what does Rovio have cooked up to follow up one of the most important games in the history of mobile gaming, and of gaming as a whole? Why does it deserve to be called Angry Birds 2? We’ll find out soon.