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‘Rayman Adventures’ Has Just Soft Launched in New Zealand

We heard just this week about Rayman Adventures, the next game in the series of Rayman mobile games that have been auto-running platformers so far. Well, surprise: the game has just soft-launched in New Zealand. Yes, that means that it’s free-to-play, appearing to have a creature collecting aspect with different rarities. It does appear to involve auto-running, but the game has levels that you can explore, albeit while running constantly, with the ability to change direction while playing. So it’s still an auto-runner, but a bit of a different approach from the previous two games, for sure.

Rayman Adventures Soft Launch

While we’ll see over time just how this shakes out as a free-to-play game, know that just because a game soft-launches as free-to-play, it might go paid at some point, a la AG Drive ($2.99) and Hitman Sniper ($0.99). And obviously, we don’t know how long this will be in soft launch for: it’s always a mystery. It could be out next week, next month, next year…who knows! Do keep an eye on the forum thread for this one, for sure.