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Ubisoft Announces ‘Rayman Adventures’, a New Rayman Runner for Mobile

Rayman Jungle Run ($2.99) and Rayman Fiesta Run ($2.99) aren’t just two of my all-time favorite iOS games, they’re also two stellar examples of how you adapt a popular series to mobile in an intelligent way. The Rayman series has been offering up whimsical platforming to gamers for decades now, but translating a platformer to the touchscreen has been tricky business in the past. Sure, virtual buttons are fine, and lots of people get along quite well with them, but it’s not for everyone. So Ubisoft transformed the Rayman games into auto-runners with Jungle Run and Fiesta Run while retaining the pinpoint precision and delightful character of the Rayman series. The results were fantastic. Well, it’s been a while since we’ve heard from Rayman on mobile, but today Ubisoft has revealed a brand new mobile Rayman game called Rayman Adventures. Check it out.

Not much is known about Rayman Adventures just yet, but it looks spectacular in the trailer. It seems you’ll be adventuring with a partner this time around too (well, besides Globox), a Viking named Barbara according to the description on YouTube. Of course the visuals are also mighty impressive, with wonderful animations and killer environments. I’m getting so excited! I love the Rayman runners so I can’t wait for Rayman Adventures. It’s “coming soon" according to the video, and in the meantime you can hit up our forums to discuss the game.